Friday, June 15, 2007

Conserving Father Junipero Serra by Jennifer Sapinoso

We did a condition report before we started to document the ‘before’ condition of the iconic Ventura sculpture of Father Serra. Even before we began working on the sculpture we were getting a response from the locals that happened to walk by.

“Looks like Father Serra’s getting some much needed attention”
“Good job you guys”

Along with some other positive quips and even if they said nothing some passersby would simply stop and watch us work. It was exciting to finally physically do what we spent a week of lectures and demonstrations learning about.

We realized that however the initial appearance of a piece may seem to be satisfactory after careful examination we noticed that a entire panel of the granite mount has become detached and can be moved.

Though this does not, at the moment, threaten the integrity of the stableness of the sculpture it may eventually lead to it. Without the proper repairs done to the loose granite moisture and the elements will be able to deteriorate the inner structure of the statue. After recording and report the much needed repairs can be given priority and can help preserve this piece of public art.

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